Deck Renovation | West Chester, PA

I had already built a pool ramp for this customer so his wife could get down to the pool with either her walker or in her wheelchair.  At the top if the ramp, just outside of the sliding door, I installed a landing area for her to open the door and have a level area to enter and exit their office.  More recently she acquired a larger wheelchair and needed a completely level deck that included no steps of any kind to enter or exit.  In order for this to happen I checked the structure of the original deck and it was substantial enough to support the added weight of new framing and decking.  I basically raised the deck 6 5/8″ to match the landing area of the ramp and height of the sliding door threshold.

This is the deck with all of the original railings removed and the new structure started.
The new deck is completed with new railing and a more substantial set of stairs.
Nice shot of the stairs.
New decking completed the look for the renovated deck.
View of the deck from the ramp.
View of the deck to the new enclosed corner and the dog pen I built last year.
That is one good looking set of stairs.

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