Room Dividers | Berwyn, PA

One of Stacey’s and my closest friends, Rick Wood ( opened a holistic center in Berwyn, PA recently.  The Wood Massott Holistic Center offers Reiki, massage, Life Coaching, holistic experiences, etc.  In addition to their offerings they also teach classes in each of these curriculums and needed a way to separate their space in to private smaller areas.  When Geri Massott was describing her vision for the room dividers I saw a rolling blackboard as what she was describing.  Below is my interoperation of what Geri and Rick were looking for.  When I dropped these off at their office they worked perfectly.

One of the room divides used to shield a massage table.
The room dividers have the ability to be folded up and used as a single divider.
I made four sets of dividers, three double dividers and one triple divider. Here you see two double dividers put together.
The room dividers easily conform to any situation the Wood Massott Holistic Center needs them for.

2 thoughts on “Room Dividers | Berwyn, PA

  1. Great room dividers….did find one little typo in your title, ( handyman specialist is spelled with an “L”). Not to pick on you, we all do it, I just wouldn’t want you to lose a contract building a room full of shelves and sconces for an ex-librarian when the first thing she saw on your blog was a typo 🙂


    1. Thanks! And that you for finding the typo. It has been fixed and a new header uploaded.

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