Summer Work 2017

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having. I wanted to let everyone know that this summer I am working full time for a few weeks. Listed below are the dates that I am available. I did this last summer and it worked out great. I will only be working during the week so there will not be any weekend days available during this time.
June: 06.19 – 06.23  (Booked: Monday – Friday)

June: 06.26 – 06.30  (Booked: Monday; Open Tuesday – Friday)

July: 07.10 – 07.14  (Open: Monday – Friday)

July: 07.17 – 07.21  (Open: Monday & Tuesday; Booked: Wednesday – Friday)

July: 07.24 – 07.28  (Booked: Monday & Tuesday; Open: Wednesday – Friday)

July/Aug: 07.31 – 08.04 (Open: Monday – Friday)

August: 08.07 – 08.11  (Open: Monday – Friday)

I look forward to hearing from anyone who needs work. If one of your family members, friends, or neighbors needs work please feel free to pass along my info or send them a link to this post.

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