Deck Resurface | West Chester, PA

This Client came to me through looking for someone to resurface her 10’x17′ deck. Working in the air, on a 2nd story deck adds its own set of challenges but I think it turned out great. Let me know what you think.

My Client decided to have her deck resurfaced with Trex Tiki Torch deck boards and use their white vinyl rail system. If you don’t want the hassle of sealing a deck every year or two this composite and vinyl combo is the way to go.

The view from the bottom
Old, gnarly, deck boards
View from the top during removal
The view from the top
Found this during removal
Found this after removing all the deck boards
I really do love having a truck
I love having a truck. I backed down this hill between the two homes so I could load up the old decking.
Packed up and headed to the dump
Ready to go to the dump
After the decking removal I added this flashing tape to all the structural lumber. It protects the existing joists from water infiltration through the existing nail holes and seals around the new screws that were used to eliminate any water reaching the wood.
I covered all the existing joists and box band with the flashing tape. It keep water from getting into the original nail holes and rotting out the treated lumber. It also seals around the new screws used for the Trex decking.
Now you see me...
Now you see them… you don’t. Got to love this hidden fastener system.
…now you don’t. I really liked this color matched hidden fastener system.
The decking laid and new railing installed.
Nice, clean new decking and railing.
Looking good in the afternoon sun!
It looks great in the afternoon sun.
Nice railing!
Also installed a new railing system.
A peek at the underside. Instead of using the #Trex facia board I used two pieces of decking to wrap the box band. Just an idea O had and O think it turned out really well.
Instead of using the Trex facia board for the box band I Installed pieces of decking. I think it finished off the deck nicely.

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