Basement Storage and Home Repairs | Haverford, PA

A former cliect had me return to their house.  They had me install two places that had base board molding missing, reattach a drawer head in the cooktop cabinet and install new storage in their finished basemen.

This is one of two places with missing base board molding.
I had to piece together three different molding types, glue and nail then together, prime, caulk and paint.
This is the second location with missing base board molding.
Because the area was small I had to preassemble the three piece molding.
Molding installed, caulked primed and painted.
They had a drawer head that kept falling off because of poor installation. I removed the problem drawer head...
...cut and installed, with pocket screws, a new piece of maple. I drilled two oversized holes so the drawer head could be attached from the back side.
Old drawer head permanently installed.
This is the area I was to install the new basement storage.
All the cabinetry installed with moldings and butcher block countertop installed.
Base cabinets with the additional shelving and roll out trays I installed.

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