Kitchen Renovation | Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia, PA

The best type of business is when services are utilized with one person and they return the favor by using the services I offer.  This is the case with my wife’s doula.  For those of you who don’t know what a doula is…it is a person who assists with the birth of a child.  During the first meeting with the doula she mentioned her and her husband were thinking of renovating their kitchen.  They previously received very expensive quotes to redo their kitchen.  After reviewing what they wanted to do, I took some notes and gave them some prices.  They decided to move forward with my proposal.  Follow the progress of the job below.

The two main sections to this particular job was to have all of the kitchen doors, drawer heads, moldings and base panels repainted and new countertops installed.
I completely disassembled the kitchen removing all doors, drawer heads, base panels and countertops.
The project included the oven area... well as the pantry area.
After waiting roughly 14 days for all of the parts to be refinished they were delivered and I installed everything that day. All of the crown molding was freshened with a new coat of paint to match the rest of the kitchen.
The radius corner at the main kitchen sink is a huge improvement over the sharp edges that were originally there. The new granite countertops and sink were installed by the granite supplier. I hooked up all of the plumbing to the sink.
The lower section of the center cabinet was originally open. I had new custom doors made then painted to match the rest of the kitchen.

Here is a good shot of the completed kitchen. The freshly painted cabinetry turned out beautifully.
We decided to eliminate the prep sink from the left side of the oven in order to give the homeowners more room to cook.
The table was eliminated from the kitchen. We decided to add an area for stools behind the sink. I had the countertop supports custom made and painted to match the rest of the kitchen. After the base panel was installed I added the electrical outlet in the lower right hand corner.

The left side of the pantry was completed.
Along with the right side.
I installed a new four plug electrical outlet in the countertop cabinet to replace the electrical strip that was originally installed on the ceiling of the cabinet. This allows for easier access to plug in appliances.

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