New Basement Ceiling | West Chester, PA

This return customer called me to see if I would install a new drop ceiling in their finished basement.  With a new baby on the way and one in the house they wanted to get the space ready for a TV/play room.  The homeowner selected the style of drop ceiling and I bought and installed all of that material.  There was a section in the basement where there were no utilities (HVAC, plumbing or electrical) installed.  After having a discussion the homeowner decided to install drywall in this area.  My drywall and electrical contractors installed each of their respective materials within this job.

End wall framing to create a 90 degree corner with a box framed around the previously installed air conditioning lines.
All original drop ceiling removed through out the rest of the basement.
A large HVAC supply trunk was removed that ran through the middle of the TV room. I framed up this soffit area to house the new HVAC trunk.
The soffit had a corresponding side that housed another supply trunk.

Drywall installed and finished with new recessed lighting in the TV area.
Drywalled soffit area with new supply trunk installed.
New drop ceiling installed in the music area.
New drop ceiling in the siting room.
New drop ceiling in the stairwell area.
New drop ceiling in the home office.
I went back a few weeks later, built and installed a rough cut cedar soffit.
Rough cut cedar soffit.
Before building the rough cut cedar soffit I primed the ceiling so the homeowner could paint it at a later date.
Primed ceiling area.

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