Reason Behind this Blog

The reason why I decided to start this blog is not because it is cool…it is to keep my present and future customers up to date on what I have been working on.  That is all inclusive of what I do; handyman work, kitchen design, photorgaphy and my life in general.  I have noticed how easy it is to keep this updated on a regular basis than it is to continuously update my website.  That, and my good friend Rick Wood told me I should start it.

I am in the process of redesigning my website so it will be a nice general look into my business and life.  There you will find very good representations of what I do.  Here you will find the day to day items I am working on.  For example, when I complete a handyman job I will post a small blurb about the work and pictures to correspond with the job.  When I have completed a kitchen, or other location with cabinetry, you will find the most recent examples of my work here.  Or, when Stacey and I have something we want to share with our family and friends you will be able to see it here first.

This will save me huge amounts of time and allow me to keep you updated on a weekly or monthly basis.   I hope you enjoy what I have to post.


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