First Venture into Blogging

So, this is my first ever blog.  I have friends who do it to keep family memebers abreast of what is going on in their lives or new and exciting things that are happening to them professionally.  I am going to use this for both.  Below is a little about me.

To start things off I am happily married as of October 13, 2007 to a beautiful woman by the name of Stacey.  I met her the old fashioned way, at a bar, specifically Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA. She was there to meet someone else but they didn’t hit it off and we did. And that was the start of our life together. We now live in West Chester, PA with our cat Molli.

Professoinally I have two jobs. Monday thru Friday, 9 – 5, I work at Sterling Kitchens as a kitchen designer. My background in design started in 9th grade with a technical drawing class. It grew from there into a love of architecture of which I studied 4 years in high school and my first two years in college. In the spring semester of my 2nd year at Philadelphia Textile, now Philadelphia University, I had a materials class where we had to build a piece of furniture. This final project peaked my interest in furniture design. I did a little research and by the end of the year I was enrolled in the newly forming Industrial Design program. Three years later (it was a 5 year program) I graduated with a BS in ID and got to work with such companies as Graco and Steelcase during my time in the ID department.

My 20s were filled with jobs to keep me occupied.  I had fun at most and learned a lot of skills I thought I would never have.  Two places I worked, Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center and Kurtz Construction (Roofing Specialist), gave me the opportunity to experience things I like working with.  The first is my hands.  I have 16 years of construction experience under my belt at the young age of 31.  This lead me to my second profession in early 2007 and decided to start my own handyman business.  I typically work night and weekends.  It is a great second source of income that is currently helping me pay off my school loans much quicker than originally expected.  As time move on and the loans are paid off the money I make through the handyman business will go into a college education fund for my future kids.  I have a website that I built with the help of my mac, it is can be found at

Working with kids is something I have always thought I would be good at ever since I worked at the tennis center.  I am currently looking into going back to school for elementary education at West Chester University.  In today’s world you need to keep your skills honed and always have a plan B.  This is my plan B.

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