Donating Time – Penn Valley, PA

At the beginning of this year one of my customers asked me if I would be willing to donate 4 hours of Handyman time to a charity fundraiser she was running at the Baldwin School.  With 7 years under my belt at a non-profit tennis organization in Manayunk (The Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center), founding board member of the Ian McCambridge Tupper Scholarship Fund and having a belief that what you put out into the universe you get in return and agreed to donate 4 hours of my time to their silent auction.  It is all for a worthy cause.

Bryant from Penn Valley, PA bid on and won the silent auction.  On Saturday, October 25th I performed the donated time along with several more hours of work.  Here is a list of items completed: replaced a window pane in a 15 light door, reinstalled a microwave door handle, removed the old and installed new mirrors in the basement bath, kids bath and master bath, hung an existing flat panel TV in the family room and installed a new garage door opener.

Below are pictures of a few items that were completed:


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