Front Porch Reno | Thornton, PA

The same client who I did the Drop Ceiling for had me come back and repair his front porch. The posts were in bad shape and a previous contractor had installed marble tile as wall caps and porcelain tile on the porch floor. I did the work concerning the posts, wall caps and removing the old tile floor. My tile contractor came in and installed new, non slip, tile on top of the existing concrete pad.

The original porch posts were made out of wood and not maintained properly. The paint was peeling and they were rotten. The brick stack which the posts were set into were capped with marble bathroom tile.
The other post was in worse shape. It was time to remove them and install new ones before they failed and brought the porch roof down.
Before any work started the porch roof needed to be supported. It wasn’t a very large roof. But any size roof needs to be held up when the posts are removed.
After the old porch posts were removed new composite posts were installed. This eliminates the need for painting and the material will not rot. The brick stacks were capped with formed concrete stones. They were solid and did not have any joints. This eliminates any water infiltration around the post or into the stack.
Here is a good shot of the brick cap. The bottom post ring was caulked and the downspout was reinstalled.

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