Home Improvements | West Chester, PA

Here are a few, fun additions, I made to one of my clients homes.

As a Christmas present this client bought a real St. Bernard. To commemorate that they had a mailbox made to look like their dog, Harley, of which I put together.
After attaching the mailbox to the altered post I installed the mailbox dog up near the front door.
They like there dogs in this household. So I installed a new screen door with a doggie door at the bottom so their smaller dogs could go and hang out on the deck.
Here is whats left of the carpet I installed on two wheelchair ramps. Harley, the St. Bernard, decided to have a little snack.
The tasty carpet was replaced with not-so-tasty, indestructible diamond plate. Take that, Harley.

2 thoughts on “Home Improvements | West Chester, PA

  1. hi
    im in scotland and wonder if you xould be able to make me one of these?
    thanks for reading

    1. My client purchased the mailbox on their own. I installed it on a new post and then installed the post. Sorry.

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