Slate Floor & New Baseboard | Manayunk: Phila, PA

As I get older so do my Fraternity Brothers.  The younger guys are now getting married and buying their own houses.  It’s always nice to get a phone call from these guys to do work in their house.  This particular Brother, and his wife, live atop the Manayunk Wall.  After living in their house for some time they decided they wanted to install a new kitchen floor.  They picked 12″x12″ slate installed in a running bond pattern.  Also, the radiator covers needed to be refinished.  I prepped the floor and my tile contractor installed the tile.  I took all of radiator covers home to sand and finish them.  The final product is shown below.

New slate tile floor leading from the dining room into the kitchen. A custom riser was made to hide the rough edge of tile at the threshold of the dining room and kitchen.
The tile also lead into the cooking area, under the range and fridge.
The 200sf+ install also included the powder room, laundry room and kitchen entrance.
The clients and I also decided to tile the step at the base of the rear staircase. A custom riser was made to cover the rough edge of the tile and cap the step.
New baseboard was also installed in the kitchen to replicate the baseboard through out the rest of the house.
The radiator cover in the kitchen was refinished along with six others from the second floor.

1 thought on “Slate Floor & New Baseboard | Manayunk: Phila, PA

  1. Nicley covered , i really appreciate your designing

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