Home Repair | West Chester, PA

Again, this is another referral from one of my oldest customers.  They live in a cull-de-sac and I have worked on three of the five homes in the circle.  I am slowly but surely moving my way around.  The garage and deck had some rotten wood that needed to be replaced and the hall bathroom needed a new vent fan.

As I removed the wooden siding I found rotten sheathing between the two garage doors.
I replaced the rotten OSB with new 1/2" plywood and caulked all open areas.
Two new pieces of wooden siding caulked and installed. At the time of install the wood was primed to give some sort of seal against the winter weather. When the weather breaks I will be heading back to paint the remaining wood siding.
This is a photo taken in the attic, on my phone, of the newly installed hall bath vent fan.
New vent fan.
I also repaired several pieces of lumber on the deck.
These probably gave me the most trouble simply because of the angles.
Two of the longer 12' pieces.
More repair at a main juncture of the deck.
More angle cuts but not as difficult as the others.

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