Composite Deck Resurface | West Chester, PA

This client saw us resurfacing another deck in their neighborhood and brought us onboard to do the same to theirs. The first thing we look at is the structure of the deck. Is it still in tact? Is it rotting anywhere? Do we need to make any repairs to the deck before we resurface? If we can answer these questions easily then resurfacing is always an option.

My client decided to have Trex Tiki Torch deck boards installed. Along with Trex’s black aluminum balusters and posts topped with their cocktail rail in matching Tiki Torch this deck is ready to host its next happy hour.

The original deck boards were in good shape. My client wanted a change in color and a virtually maintance free deck.
We eventually eliminated the gate but left the post. If they ever sold the house to a family with younger kids they would have a solid point to install a new gate.
The steps would also be replaced with matching Tiki Torch material
All the old deck boards and railing were removed and disposed of. We then added a layer of deck protector to the tops of all the joists, ledger and rim joist. This seals all the existing nail holes and creates a waterproof barrier under the new deck boards.
Since the posts were a full 4×4 we added the necessary blocking and attachments to keep them structurally sound. We also added an extra 3″ to the top of the posts to give us the height needed for our new post sleeves.
The new deck…looking fine! I really like the color combo.
This is the second time I used two deck boards stacked as fascia. This detail is growing on me and have incorporated it into all of our deck builds.
Fresh, clean and ready to entertain.
The new steps capped off this stellar project.


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