Laundry Room Renovation | Thornbury, PA

Here I am starting to get into full room renovations. A return client contacted me to see how we could update their laundry room. We opened up the closet, installed some new cabinetry and painted the laundry and garage entry way. Take a look below.

Small, single door entry to the laundry room closet.
Just opening the wall prior to finish framing made a world of difference.
New drywall installed, spackled sanded and primed ready for paint.
Here I was spot repairing the way of all the little imperfections in the laundry room. You just can’t paint over what’s there. Just the few extra steps I take to give my clients a perfect paint job…even in the laundry room.
After the new floor was installed by an outside contractor I came back and installed the new cabinetry and hanging area. This added so much more storage for the clients.
The yellow paint the client chose really brightened up the room.
While I was there I repaired the garage floor and driveway connection…
…and installed new 6×6 pressure treated posts into the garden…
…more 6x6s

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