Garage Cedar Replacement | Bryn Mawr, PA

This was probably one of my most favorite jobs to do. The parents of a previous client called and asked if I could replace the cedar on one side of their garage. Of course I had to say yes! They were in the process of selling the house and had the opposite side done a couple of years prior. I completely removed the original board and batten siding and facia and replaced with all new cedar then painted it all to match the other side. As you can see from below, the unfinished cedar looked beautiful and I hated to paint it. I walked up and down the newly installed cedar and spoke to it like this scene from Days of Thunder…Harry Hodge Talking to the Car.

The original cedar that was rotten and peeling.
Tools lined up ready to go. It was a pretty large project.
I always forget to take the process shots, but, here it is, done!
The flag in the background with the sun behind it just looks perfect framed by that new cedar.
The red they chose was very nice and the white just pops.
Looking clean!
Old Glory
I also replace the top of this railing with new cedar. I rounded over the edges to smooth it out then painted the whole rail.
Also did some minor motor repair on the bottom step.

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