Deck Steps | West Chester, PA

This client of mine recently moved back from the city to his house in the suburbs. This time with his new wife! As they were setting up the house that best suited them as a couple they started a list of jobs that needed to be completed. On that list for me was hang the TV with hidden wires (done!), hang a new light in the dining room (done!), repair the ceiling fan in the master bedroom (done!), switch out the upstairs hallway ceiling mounted lights to new LED recessed lights (done!) and install a new set of stairs on the back deck so their French Bulldog, Turbo, could do his business and get some exercise in the back yard. Pictures of installed lights and TVs aren’t very exciting. Pictures of new deck steps are. So, here you go…

This is the corner of the deck that suited my client's needs best when determine the location of the steps.
This is the corner of the deck that suited my client’s needs best when determining the location of the steps.
These are the custom cut stair stringers that were nice and level.
Treads are on and the rail starts to go up. I added new posts to the existing deck rail to accept the stair rail. The existing deck rail was cut out when both sides of the stair rail were complete.
Here is a ‘behind-the-scenes’ shot of how I attached the stringers to the box band of the deck. Something I learned by watching Mike Holmes.
Steps and rails are complete from the left side.
Steps and rail are complete from the right side.
The new gate was installed a few days later, hence the coffee in the back ground. Now Turbo can hang out on the deck, take a nap and catch some rays.


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