Suggestions on Garage Storage

I was recently contacted by a company wanting to write a guest post for my blog.  After proofreading the post and checking out the company to make sure they were legitimate their post is below.  If you have a need for any type of storage or work in general please feel free to contact Aaron Whomsley, LLC here: 

Saving Money and Using Space

“Many people have a garage yet also pay monthly fees for storage of extra items. While paying for storage for big items like a washer or an antique table can be necessary, many people end up paying over $60 a month for long term small item storage when they could be storing those items at home. By using a garage storage system or even wooden shelves most long term storage needs can be fixed.

Many people say that they do have the extra money to install storage shelves in their garage. However, someone that is only paying $40 a month for a small 5×5 storage locker, and is only planning to live there for only 5 years, would end up paying $2400 to store their belongings.

For $2400, you could get a nice storage system. If this money was invested into building or installing some shelving in a corner of a garage you could store the same items; closer to your home, more conveniently for your family, and do it for a faction of the cost.  If the garage storage system was one of quality and durability the value of the home would be increased.

The saving keeps growing for larger storage rentals. When deciding about storage options first find out the cost to store the items you want to keep. Ask yourself, am I willing to pay X amount of dollars a month to keep these items? Garage sales are a great way to get rid of items that still hold some value.

Remember that everything in your home or garage cost you money to store it there, so does keeping a storage locker somewhere else. If you cannot sell it at a garage sale consider giving it away to a local thrift store. By doing this you will use your space you have and save the money you need, you may just make a little more in the process. For more tips and advice on storage visit us at




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