Window Seat | Bryn Mawr, PA

This client came to me through an existing one.  She had an area in her daughters room that had a not-so-great window seat.  One that was barely high enough to see out of the window while standing on the original.  She wanted something that was tall enough to see out of the window, add storage under the seat and a step up.  All of the items on her list were met.  Check out the process below.

This is the original seat that was built with the house.
Here is my son, Conor, helping me build the face frames for the window seat.
This is the opening left behind after the original seat was removed.
Framing is up and complete. Everything was screwed together for a more secure attachment.
The seat, face frame and step installed.
Window seat complete with drawer installed. Hardware was installed on a later trip.
Check out the size of that drawer. This will be used for blankets, sleeping bags, etc.

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