Deck Landing | West Chester, PA

As my business grows so does the ways people go about finding me and my services.  This client came about while do a Google search for handymen in West Chester.  After a few visits to other websites he decided to give me a call based off of the work I had previously done.  They had a rotten deck that was ready to fall down just outside their sunroom.  He asked if I could remove it and install a landing with steps to the brick walkway.  Below are the before and after shots.  Let me know what you think.

The rotten deck before removal.
More rotten deck.
The underside of the original. Notice the 6" drop of the triple 2x8s.
No stairs to the brick walkway.
Nice, new shiny deck.
Finishing rail for the existing deck.
New stairs to the brick walkway.
Railing on new deck landing.

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