TV Cabinet & Fireplace | Villanova, PA

A client I used to deal with at my previous job is an Interior Designer out of Devon, PA.  She contacted me via LinkedIn to see if I was interested in doing some work at her house and a home she was working at in Villanova, PA.  The work I completed at her Villanova job is shown below.

The client wanted turn a double cabinet into a single for a larger TV. In order to do this I removed the dividing stile between the two cabinets.

I then lined the upper cabinet in 1/2" MDF and created a double shelf above for the cable box and DVD player. Below, in the lower right opening I lined all sides with rough-cut cedar to be used as firewood storage.
The fireplace corbels needed custom made wall spacers to bring them flush with the tile. I made these as well as hanging the corbels in preparation for the mantel.
The client had this 6' tall mirror that needed to be hung above the mantel but wanted it to look like it was sitting on the mantel. With exacting measurements I hung the mirror 1/4" above the mantel to give the illusion of it resting on the mantel.

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