Kitchen Renovation | Jeffersonville, PA

Again, one of my fraternity brothers contacted me to do some work at his condo.  He has the classic condo kitchen: to small for more that one person and completely enclosed with walls.  The main part of this job was to remove the walls and open up the kitchen.  New cabinetry and granite countertops were installed.


The kitchen is hidden behind these two walls. Of course there is a very tiny pass through.
The entrance to the kitchen. My 5' ladder barely fit.
The fridge and stove were very close together. These were later moved so we could work in the kitchen.
This is the wallpaper I found behind the cabinet above the sink. I just had to take a color photo of it.
My helper that day, a fraternity brother and my son's Godfather, was SUPER excited about the renovation.
With the help of my sawsall the walls were taken down and the kitchen opened up.
The finished kitchen. All painting was completed by the homeowner.
New cabinets, granite countertops and a half wall at bar height.
The new sink and dishwasher area. I added a trash can cabinet to the left of the sink. All kitchens should have one.
Nice and open kitchen ready for the holidays.

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