Furniture ReBuild | Narberth, PA

This customer contacted me because she had a contractor say he could do something but the final product he left behind fell short of the wanted final product.  There was a piece of furniture in the master bedroom in which she wanted reworked from two tall wardrobes to one low 12 1/2′ long piece of furniture.  The piece was to have 5 cabinets with interior storage, mirrored doors and a full mirrored top.  Below, the first four pictures are what the original contractor left behind and the last pictures are what I completed for the homeowner.  There is close to 60 hours of work in this piece of furniture and the homeowner is extremely happy with the final product.

This is how the original contractor left the piece of furniture after the homeowner threw him off the job.
More poor construction.
These are the doors he thought were suitable for a final product.
Additional storage he thought the homeowner wanted, she didn't.
The final product, making the vision of the homeowner a reality.
I also hung the mirror above to enhance the look of the piece of furniture.
The door handles were chosen because they were inconspicuous and blended with the mirrors.
Interior storage included roll out trays for easy accessibility to personal items.
Drawers were altered to fit into this cabinet. A shelf was added to the top of the drawers for more storage.
Probably the thing that made the homeowner the most excited were the three roll out trays that gave access to her shoes.

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