Kitchen Tile Backsplash | Blue Bell, PA

This is the second of three jobs I have completed for fraternity brothers.  This brother had his original laminate countertops removed and a shiny new granite one installed.  Laminate countertops are a 1/4″ thicker than granite.  If there is a backsplash involved you will see the gap between the tile and countertop.  And that is what happened here.  I devised a solution by adding decorative 3/4″ tall tile in front of the tile.  This saved the original tile backsplash and added a little flair to the kitchen.

Here is a good look at the gap left behind from the install of the new granite countertops.
The decorative tile added a finished look to the kitchen.
The tile was glued to the granite with special marble glue, caulked along the granite with clear silicone and along the top with unsanded white grout.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Tile Backsplash | Blue Bell, PA

  1. Where did you get this filler tile?

    1. I think I may have picked it up at Home Depot.

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