Master Bathroom Upgrades | West Chester, PA

I have posted work from this customer in the past (see ).  She lives in my neighborhood and has been a pleasure to deal with.  The link above peaked her awareness of additional leaks she kept finding in her house.  There were some leaks in the master bathroom that I had found and on the roof above and repaired.  Take a look at the pictures below.  If you have unsealed nails on your roof they could cause leaks like these did.

I found a row of rusted nails right above the master bathroom. This is what was causing the leak. If you ever see nails like this on your roof...they are know as leakers.
This may look wet but it is an exterior silicone caulk that has sealed the popped nail head. I have found OSI Quad caulk to be the best and last the longest.

After the leaks were found, sealed and triple checked to make sure they were not going to leak again I installed a bathroom vent above the shower.  My estimate is that because of the size of the bathroom and the windows that were in the room is why there was no vent installed.  My opinion is no matter size of the room or the fact that it has windows there should always be a bathroom vent installed.  After the installation I had an electrician hook up the electricity and run power to a timer to shut off the fan.

Attic view of the fan installation.
Fan attached to the exterior wall.
Installation of new vent to the outside. Always vent moisture out of the house.
Broan fan installed above the shower. Very quiet and moves a ton of air which is the most important.

When the fan installation was completed I went on to paint the bathroom in two colors.  Before painting started I had some wall repair to perform.  In two locations the tape that was used in the corners started to come off.  I had to apply new tape in the corners, spackle until it blended perfectly, sanded the areas to a smooth finish and prime so the paint would add-hear.  Below are photos of the bathroom in its final paint colors.

His Vanity.

Her Vanity.
The shower area...with new bathroom vent fan.

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