Leaking Roof Repair | West Chester, PA

This is another customer who works with Stacey and asked if I could help out with a problem they were experiencing.  With the first big snow storm of the winter season she had a 5’tall snow drift at one of the corners on her house.  The problem was that she found wet spots on a wall in the sunroom.  When I took a look at the wet spots I followed them up to the juncture of the exterior wall and sunroom roof.  While on the roof I couldn’t figure out how the water was getting into the house.  I called Russell Roofing for a second opinion.  During the appointment we concluded that the snow blew up under the loose siding.  Since snow is an insulator, as it melted from the top and bottom, water ran down between the poorly installed counter flashing and exterior sheathing.

I am happy to report that the customer has NOT experienced any more leaking in her house after I performed the repair.  The photos are below.

This is the corner where the water was entering the house between the black tar paper and silver, wrinkled, counter flashing.
I had to remove four rows of siding & later reinstall them properly.
This is what was under the siding on the other side of the roof. I decided to fix this as well.
I covered the counter flashing with 6" tall rubberized ice and water shield. The vertical corner flashing was also covered.
A piece of ice and water shield was also installed on the left side of the roof, over the counter flashing and behind the roof vent flashing.
I covered the full length top of the roof vent flashing and a large gap in the center of the wall.
I added 10" of metal flashing behind the roof vent flashing and into the corner of the shingles on both sides of the roof. The ice and water shield was doubled in height to eliminate any further problems.
After the roof was tight I installed two new pieces of J channel and properly reinstalled the original siding.

3 thoughts on “Leaking Roof Repair | West Chester, PA

  1. Hi Aaron. I had the same leaky problem with my roof in New York. There were brown patches across the ceiling and wet spots on the wall. I didn’t have to replace the siding but it definitely was loose. I did end up having to hire couple of different companies to come and take a look.

    I ended up being referred to a roofers (NYC) provider to inspect the roof for a second opinion and whether or not the entire roof or siding on that pitch needed to replaced or repaired. Luckily, only one side of the house needed roof repairs and the siding was just secured in place. I just wish I would have stumbled across your blog post sooner!

    By the way, how do you go about being credited for the Energy Tax Credit?

    1. Hello Ellard,

      I haven’t had to apply for the tax credit so I wouldn’t even know where to start the application process. Thanks for the kind words. Good luck with your roof.

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