Drainage Redirection & New Storm Windows | West Chester Borough, PA

I used to work with this customer at my previous job.  I would absolutely consider her a “handywoman”.  But there have been a few times where she has brought me in to perform work that she may not have the tools or simply the time to complete this work.

When I did the estimate (all estimates are free, by the way) there was water entering the basement at two different locations.  Loose downspouts were creating the problem.  I needed to the reattach drainage lines to the downspouts and rerun the drainage lines along the house so the walkway wasn’t obstructed.  I used a 36″ deep pit as the main drainage point.

On a second trip back to the house I installed 4 new storm windows on the rear of the house.  Take a look at what was completed.

When I showed up at the house there were two black drainage pipes attached to two downspouts running down the center of the walkway. I combined the downspouts therefore only needing one drainage line. This was brought tight to the house so the walkway was safe.
This is the 36" deep pit that I dug between the deck joists. The two drainage lines were run in such a manor that both would drain into the pit and disperse the water into the rear yard.
First floor storm windows. Caulked along the perimeter and installed per manufactures specs.
Second floor storm windows. Exact same install as the first floor.
Detail of the storm windows to show you they were installed.

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