Window and Facia Aluminum Capping | Birmingham Twsp, PA

My inlaws, Harry and BJ, have had me over to do some work on their house.  Well, Harry wanted me to come over and do the work and BJ wanted me to watch Harry so he wouldn’t get hurt.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Below are pictures of the aluminum capping completed for them.  There will be more to come as Harry still has a list for me to complete.  In the mean time, enjoy.

Harry wanted to cap all of the windows on the house. I did. We also capped all of the facia board on the house and window sills that surround their sunroom.
Capped sunroom window sill. In an earlier blog post I showed the repair I performed on the window sill.
All of the painted molding and sills surrounding the windows were capped.

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