New Home Entertainment Center

This is a customer that came to me through my wife, Stacey.  The homeowner is a huge home theater fan and wanted to turn his living room into a light-tight movie watching experience for the whole family.  Take a look at the photos below to follow the progression.

Removing siding and both windows from rear of house.
One bay has been built, its on to the second.
Framing of the second bay. This side went much smoother than the first.
Sheathed and ready for Tyvek.
Tyveked and ready for siding.
The siding is complete as is the new roofing and redirection of a main downspout.
Interior of house, before insulation and construction of shelving units.
Shelves built. Ready for spackle, molding and paint.
The entire room has been painted, all molding and fireplace has two coats of semi-gloss. All the wires for the home theater were ran by the homeowner.
The final product. The homeowner added the keystones at the top of each shelving unit and above the screen, which hides the center channel speaker.

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