Home Imporvements | Wynnewood, PA

This is another customer who came to me through the silent auction The Baldwin School holds every year.  She was also in the process of selling her house.  The items I completed were two fold, first was to make the home more complete and second was to start getting the house ready for sale.  Other items that I completed that are not pictured below are: install a new door knob on a bedroom door; cut down that same door so it no longer rubs on the carpet; re-drywall, spackle and sand some of the finished basement; install 2 new window shades; remove a non-operational TV dish and fill the holes on the roof; install a new piece of trim on a window and rerun and hide all the wires that supply the flat panel TV.  Take a look at a few of the other things I did.

Their dog had chewed through several of the main staircase balusters. The originals were removed...
...and taken to a local wood shop for replication. I primed and painted the new balusters before installing them.
The master bathroom door casing was damaged, again from the dog, so I removed it...
...and installed a new one. Priming and painting all of the door casing, in addition to...
...installing a new master bathroom door, door knob and hinge set. The swing of the door was also changed. It used to swing into the bath but now swings into the bedroom. I custom ordered this door to match the others in the house. Because of the age of the house a little bit of fitting with the hand planner and sander was needed.
The front door was having some issues. It didn't have any type of weather stripping at the threshold.
I removed the door, cut a small portion off the bottom and installed a piece of pressure treated lumber. Then I installed a weather tight threshold along the bottom of the door and into the concrete step. This will ensure no water or air gets under the door again.

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