Landscaping Shop Organization | Newtown Sq., PA

As I grow my business I meet other professionals in the contracting field.  Marc Zarelli Landscaping, Inc. is a company owned by the son of a contractor who I have done business with the past year.  In preperation for the coming 2010 landscaping season Marc wanted to start organizing his shop and tools.  This will allow him see what tools he has, what tools are out on a job and what he needs to replace or upgrade.  Future organization has been planned and will be scheduled and posted during the winter months.  In the mean time, take a look at what has been completed up to this point.

Replaced damaged 2x6 support for large garage door.
Added weather stripping to large garage door.
Installed brackets for multiple landscaping tools.
Angle cut 2x4s & screwed to top of brackets so tools stay tight to wall.
Built area to hang trimmers.
Overflow tool storage area.
Built dual, mobile grinder table.

1 thought on “Landscaping Shop Organization | Newtown Sq., PA

  1. Where can I find the metal shelf looking material to hang our shovels and etc?

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