Deck Stairs & Joist Hanger Replacement | West Chester, PA

When someone purchases a new home there are two types of work.  Work required by an inspector to be finished and something new that the homeowner wants to add to their home to make it more their own.  With this referred customer I had both of these situations.  The first part of the job was to replace 50 rusted, undersized joist hangers with galvanized, properly sized hangers.  The second part of the job was to build a set of stairs off an existing deck for two reasons: add access to the yard since there was none and second was to give the homeowner’s Corgis a way into the yard for a little exercise.

Stair location.
New turned staircase for yard access.
Original, rusted undersized joist hangers.
New, properly sized galvanized joist hangers.

5 thoughts on “Deck Stairs & Joist Hanger Replacement | West Chester, PA

  1. Aron – Looks good! We do our show from Chester County, small world.

    Would a bit of advice be okay? You probably did this already but its not shown in the pictures. You should make sure that downspout extends away from the house. Where it is in the picture now could dump water right next to the foundation and that window causing water in the lower level.

    The Handyguys

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I see where you are talking about. The downspout was later put back in it’s original position. See the picture labeled “Stair Location”. The downspout was moved temporarily because a fence was also being installed at the time I was building the stairs. The last thing I did before leaving was reinstall the downspout to the right of the stairs.

      1. Aha, yeah, I figured you wouldn’t leave it against the house. Good job.

  2. I wanted to thank you for this great blog!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

    1. Hey, no problem and thanks. I found the blog is a much easier way to keep my work updated without having to constantly update my website. I have linked this blog with my Facebook page and linked my Twitter account to this blog and FB. Now everything is linked and I can communicate with my customers much easier. Plus, people like to check you out and see what you have done in the past. I like to give people the ease of mind that I know what I am doing.

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