Drywall Repair – West Chester, PA

The small jobs, 2-3 hours worth of work are the bread and butter of the type of business I am in.  A woman in my neighborhood had some plumbing issues with her hall bathroom.  The plumber had to cut in from the dining room ceiling to repair the leaks.  She contacted me to repair the drywall because she was moving out and her new rental tenets were moving in.

Take a look at the repair…


Holes Cut by Plumber
Holes Cut by Plumber


Repair Patches in Progress
Repair Patches in Progress

2 thoughts on “Drywall Repair – West Chester, PA

  1. Looks fundamentally solid, did she allow you to paint over as well?

    1. The homeowner was moving out and was going to have a family member paint this location as well as a few others.

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