AHH…The Holidays

Stacey and I both had off 10 days between Christmas and New Years and we enjoyed every minute of it. We visited with family, we stayed in our pjs and worked on the house.

I took a little break from all things Handyman to work on my own house. What did I do you ask? I painted. We spent 5 days prepping and painting the living room, sitting room, both staircases and the upstairs hallway. We have one more larger room, the kitchen/dining room, to complete. Our house feels more like a home than ever before because Stacey and I with a little help from her dad, Harry, did it together.

Now that we are 75% complete on the painting I can start ramping up for a few jobs I have been estimating, and have received, over the break. Here is a list just to name a few: build a tattoo room in a Phoenixville record store that I have done work at before, install new flooring and vanity in an existing customer’s house, install new basement windows in two residences and continue exterior work (once the weather warms up) on a home in West Chester.

I am very fortunate to have a backlog of work.  Now, if the weather cooperates I will be able to complete these jobs, gather some more, and hit the links in between.

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