Door Repair – Philadelphia, PA

One of my most recent customers contacted me and asked if I could replace the front door to his rental property in Philadelphia.  I went and took a look at the job.  The door itself was in fairly good condition.  The main issue was that the door striker area had warn away because of the constant use over the years.  Rather than replace a perfectly good door I suggested just repairing the damaged area of the door and installing a new dead bolt and keyed entrance knob.

As you can see from the pictures below I cut out the damaged area from the door jamb.  Cut material to fit and filled in the area.  Embedded the new door striker plate into the jamb to lessen the amount of ware this area takes on a daily basis.  Ripped down a 2×4 and applied it to the face of the jamb to replace the original face plate.

Because of weather related issues the building owner will be painting the door when it is slightly warmer than 32 degrees outside.  You don not want that primer and paint to freeze…that is how paint cracks and starts to flake off.

Below are process pictures of the job that was completed:Removal of Damaged AreaStriker Plate InstalledJob Complete

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