Cork Board – Penn Valley, PA

It seems like I have been spending a lot of time on the Main Line recently.  By no means is this a bad thing…it means word is spreading about my Handyman business, and word-of-mouth business is always the best type to have.

I recently completed a job for Alyssa in Penn Valley, PA which entailed custom building a completely framed cork board to display her children’s art work and providing a specifically sized piece of homasote for the desk area in her kitchen.  She couldn’t find anything in any of the major retailers to suit her needs.  I built a 36″w x 50″h grade A pine frame, installed the homasote to the rear of the frame – so none of the attachments were visable – and primed both cork boards so the homeowner could paint them with her color of choice.  When I went back for the installation I cut holes into the homasote so the eletrical switches, outlet, phone jack and volume control were integrated into the front surface both cork boards.

Below is a picture of a the larger cork board:

Homasote Cork Board
Homasote Cork Board

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